3 ways to make your corporate trophies unique

If you are responsible for organising your organisations next round of corporate trophies, it's important to find an attractive or unique design. If your design doesn't look great, it will languish at the back of a shelf or drawer instead of being proudly displayed. 

Make it functional

If you want a trophy that will always be used, it's a good idea to try a design with a functional aspect. A vase can be a great option, as can other functional items such as photo frames. These can be easily displayed and have a use that stops them from being packed away. Try to come up with some functionality that aligns with your overall business so that your mining company organisation isn't giving exceptional managers pastel pink vases as awards if they'd prefer to get a scaled model of a dump truck. 

Try some modern art

If you are giving out awards to a funkier crowd, you might like to find a design with a modern art feel. This could include abstract trophies or trophies made out of recycled materials. Try speaking to your local trophy maker to see if you can get a local artist to make a custom design for your organisation. If you can get a truly unique and attractive trophy made, you might find that your award gets a prominent display place if it's been made by a cool local artist and works as piece of sculpture as well as a corporate trophy

Use your logo

Rather than working backwards from a traditional trophy design, it's fun to take a different approach such as using your logo as the basis of a trophy. You can try getting the logo created out of a shiny metal, laser engraved on glass or blown into a unique shape. It's useful to take a flexible approach to your logo and see how it can be made in different materials as you can often find some cool effects. It's a better way to make your award stand out on a shelf rather than people needing to read a plaque to tell the logos apart from each other.

As you can see, there are some great ways to make sure that your corporate trophies are useful, are unique and will be displayed in your clients offices or workplaces. Try speaking to your local trophy shop to see what options might be good for your organisations.