Custom Framing - The Solutions Available For Your Pictures

Your choice of framing for your pictures can have a significant impact on how the images will be presented in your home. Therefore, although it may seem economical to walk into a store and buy the cheapest frames you can find, you could end up inadvertently detracting from the aesthetic of the artwork. If you want your pictures plus their frames to contribute to the aesthetic and interior design of your home, you would be better off investing in custom framing. Custom framing provides you with the best choice of materials for your pictures as well as the employment of mounting techniques that you may not be aware of as an amateur. If you have been wondering if custom framing is worth the investment, read on for some of the solutions that would be accorded to your pictures.

Dry mounting of your pictures

For most people, mounting a photo entails simply putting it inside a frame and placing the frame on the wall. This approach might seem logical, but it also increases the chances of your picture moving around within the frame over time. Thus, you find that you have to take the frame down routinely to readjust the positioning of the picture. Dry mounting is a professional technique that functions to eliminate any movement of the photo inside the frame. The professional framer will apply an adhesive inside the picture frame to make sure that the artwork stays secured in place.

Protective finishing of your pictures

Another often-overlooked aspect of picture framing is using a protective finish, yet this is critical if you want your image to remain pristine for the long term. Custom framing accords you the opportunity to utilise protective finishes that will retain the original lustre and vibrancy of your picture as the image will be protected from extraneous sun damage.

Matting of your pictures

Matting is not mandatory every single time you frame a picture. Nonetheless, it does significantly aid in highlighting your picture if you would like to create a clear distinction between your photo and the frame that you are putting it in. There is a broad array of matting materials that you could contemplate utilising including cotton fabric, archival materials, paperboard and so on. The material you chose is critical as some types of matting may contain some acid, and this could end up transferring onto your image. A professional framer would be able to discern which materials would work best with your picture as well as what type of matting would add dimension to your framing. As a result, you get to present your picture in the best way possible, as the matting will make the picture more of a focal point.